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Thank you for taking the time to read this

I’m going to start this off with 99% that you will find on is completely free the 1% that is not is the beats you will find scattered through out the site unless deemed freebie of week or free download they are allĀ  copy-written and with the stamps through out the track designed by Bang It Loud Productions. If you are a producer and you have uploaded you music please be sure to only do so with copy-written material for your protection.If you want to sell your music and already have a place to do so please provide a link and none of your music will deemed free on

Why Would We Make All This Free?

All the world hears is main stream music from record labels with agendas music is not what it used to be the world has changed but music is taking steps backwards instead of forward in my opinion . It hit me that its time for the underground to become above ground real raw talent is in the streets in the bars in the clubs alleys and so forth not born in million dollar studios but being re recorded in one the true meaning of a starving artist.

All for the passion of music!

Lets keep it original while changing the game

Grimm Loc


We Invite all styles of music

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